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  • All participating athletes must be over 5 years of age
  • All athletes from 5 to 12 years are only allowed to participate in the distance of 5 km.
  • All participating athletes under 18 must be sponsored by a sponsor or parent. Patron or parents must sign a waiver before the race. The organizers reserve the right to deny the athlete a chance to complete a confirmation form signed by the sponsor or his / her parents.
  • Participants must be able to complete the race within the specified time for the following distance ranges:
    • 15 km – 180 minutes after the final departure
    • 10km – 120 minutes after the final departure
    • 5km – 60 minutes after the last departure
  • Each participant must sign the exemption form before joining, as part of the registration process.
  • Tickets and accessories will not be refunded in any case.
  • BIB is for each participant and can not be changed.
  • The sale and / or transfer of attendance / BIB tickets is strictly forbidden, the results will not be recognized if the wrong name, bib, and registration information has been detected.
  • Cancellation, Transfer, and Change
  • After completing the registration, athletes will not be refunded registration fee if can not participate in the event “Hanoi City Trail” for any reason.
  • Participants may change the form of competition and / or transfer to others. Attendees will need to send an email to [email protected] by email with the corresponding change fee from November 15 to December 20.



  • All athletes must receive the Race Kit, including BIBs, identification numbers, timing devices, and other support tools for the race. Detailed information about the time, place and items received on the official fanpage of the show. If the athlete can not come to receive the competing items directly, he or she may delegate another person to receive the instructions on the fanpage of the program.
  • Participants must provide a photo identification and a confirmation email (either in electronic format, for example, by phone or in print) upon receipt of their racekits to authenticate the subscriber and the corresponding BIB number. .
  • Participants are responsible for ensuring that the timing device attached to the bib is worn correctly during the race.
  • The athlete will not receive the competing items after the specified time. The organizers do not provide any provisions for late arrivals and will not be liable for any loss, damage or loss in the event of an inability of the athlete to come in person or for any reason. reason. To ensure fairness, the organizers will not extend the playing time or ensure all athletes receive their belongings. All athletes have the duty to pick up items within the specified time frame. Items not received in the above time will be handled by the Organizing Committee.



  • Participants must follow Organization guidelines including racecards, volunteers, health workers, and security personnel during the event.
  • During the event, all participants are expected to have professional and polite behavior. For example, toileting anywhere on or near a track is strictly prohibited except for toilets, not littering the track. Anyone violating this Code of Conduct will be excluded from the event and will be asked to leave the track.
  • The athlete must wear the tournament number to the front of the dress. Athletes without a race ID will be taken off the track run by security personnel or race supervisors.
  • Pets, bicycles, slides, trolleys, roller fitting shoes or other items with wheels are not allowed to be used or carried on the track except for official vehicles or ambulances. Organizing Committee.
  • The Organizing Board reserves the right to use images, videos, or other forms of images (including images of athletes at the Hanoi City Trail event) for promotional purposes. Participating athletes have agreed to confirm this clause in the registration form.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to restrict or deny anyone who participates in this event.
  • The organizers reserve the right to cancel any competition without prior notice to the athlete.
  • The organizers will not be held liable for any disputes arising from failure to complete the registration of details.
  • All athletes are responsible for understanding the starting time of the race and their starting time. All athletes must be on time to receive instructions and participate in the race.
  • All athletes must stand behind the starting line before the start of the tournament.
  • Any participant who does not follow the instructions of the race officer or raffle advisor, or has a non-sporting behavior, takes offensive actions or words on the volunteer worker, attendees or spectators may be excluded from the event and future events based on the decision of the tournament manager.
  • After leaving the track, participants will not be allowed to return to the track for the purpose of going to a venue or supporting other athletes.
  • Any participant who is found by a race judge, event worker or supervisor who cheated by deliberately shortening the track (“shortcut”) will be disqualified from the event. .
  • Participants receive any support from anyone who will be excluded from the event. “Support” includes providing information or assistance directly or indirectly to athletes in any way, including communication equipment.
  • Any person participating in the event without the event’s official bib code, time meter, bib or non-time meter will be deleted and removed from future events.
  • Get medical help during the event by the medical staff of the event is not considered support and the results will remain valid if the participant can continue to play in the medical field.



  • Participants are responsible for understanding directions and symbols related to maps, locations, and directions.
  • The authorized medical officer of the event may check any athlete with signs of illness. If, in the opinion of the health worker, it is best for the health and interests of the attendee, the health care worker has the right to remove the athlete from the event.
  • Participants must stop playing if required by event staff, health care workers or government officials, including firefighters and police.
  • Participants have the responsibility and obligation to pay for all and any medical expenses incurred due to the exercise and / or attendance of the event, including ambulance facilities, length of stay, Doctors, pharmacists and services.
  • Event organizers have the right to postpone, cancel or reschedule the tournament according to emergency weather conditions.
  • Athletes need to contact emergency numbers on the BIB when they are having problems on the runway and need to get back to the nearest waterline for support when they want to stop the race.



  • All athletes will be provided with a pre-event meter, which is attached to the bib.
  • Athletes must wear a time measuring device that has been handed, from the starting line to the finish line for accurate results, which is tied to the bib number.
  • An athlete may not be recognized as a finisher if the athlete’s completion time exceeds the cut-off time.
  • Athletes who are found to wear more than two timing devices throughout the competition will be disqualified and the results of the competition will not be recognized.
  • Athletes who are missing on the track or who have abnormal time information at the time checkpoints will be monitored and may be disqualified.
  • All landing time will be reviewed before official release. Athletes may ask for an official test result before it is officially released.
  • Athletes must start running during the official start time of the organizing committee.
  • The results of the competition will not be recognized if the athlete violates the Rules of Participation and Race Rules.



  • All results and prizes will be reviewed and announced before the award ceremony.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the winner if the factors considered show that the athlete is eligible to win.
  • All prizes will not be accepted after the event ends.
  • Prizes must be received in accordance with the regulations of the Organizing Committee. Awards can not be transferred or converted to cash. The athlete receives the prize in accordance with the rules and regulations as well as the terms and conditions of the Organizing Committee.
  • With respect to contest disputes between winners, claims must be made during the event.



  • The Organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings in the storage facility. The Organizer reserves the right to inspect bags and other personal items stored in the premises for personal safety reasons.
  • The organizers do not accept high value items such as purses, phones, laptops, etc., and pledges from the sender that there are no valuables in the bag before sending them. in storage area.



  • Any person who disagrees with any of the provisions above must submit the request 10 to 15 days prior to the date of the event and must state the reason for the request and receive the response from Organization.



  • The event organizer reserves the right to change, add or remove all or part of the event.
  • Participants will be bound by the changes or additions made prior to the date of the event.
  • Failure to comply with the rules of the event, including changes, will result in cancellation, cancellation of awards and official results.






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We will not sell or share any of your personal information or information collected from your stolen computer to third parties unless they are directly involved in the recovery of your stolen computer.